Hillbrush B866 Professional Soft 322mm Banister Brush

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Hygiene Food Grade Salmon Branded Brush 322mm hand brush, Polypropylene block, filled soft Polyester. Light and agile, this counter brush has a cranked handle which is comfortable to hold, keeps the users hands away from the work surface and allows easy control. Other versions are available, B866RES is resin set, B867 is stiff, B869 is medium, B868RES is very soft. See also B1851 for a larger, heavier version, and DP3 and DP13 for accompanying dust pans

Length: 322 mm

Width: 40 mm

Height: 17 mm

Weight: 0.154 kg

Material: Polypropylene

Fill Material: Polyester - Crimped

Filament Retention: Standard

Stiffness: Stiff

Min Usage Temperature: -18 °C

Max Usage Temperature: 79 °C

FDA Compliant: YES